How to use a masturbation sleeveYou love the pleasure that your masturbation sleeve gives to you, but you know your wife or girlfriend won’t understand. “What’s wrong with me?” “Aren’t I good enough for you?” “Why do you have to use that to get off?” Just a few of the many questions that you don’t need to deal with. So now you need to know how to use your masturbation sleeve without getting caught.

You might start thinking about concealment or the times her schedule takes her out of the home, but start by thinking about hygiene. Namely, cleaning your masturbation sleeve thoroughly after each use. No matter how cleverly you’ve hidden your penis sleeve, if there’s a lingering odor emanating from the penis sleeve because you’ve neglected to clean it after the past dozen times that you’ve used it, it’s going to make her suspicious. Then you’re very likely to get caught with your masturbation sleeve.

How To Wear A Penis Sleeve Without Her Knowing?

Even when you’re confident that she’ll be out of the house for awhile, don’t get completely naked when you’re enjoying yourself with your penis sleeve. A good outfit for clandestine masturbation sleeve use includes a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. If you’re in mid-thrust with your penis sleeve when you hear her unexpectedly come home early, it’s a simple quickly get dressed. If you seem out of breath when she first sees you, you can explain to her that you were working out and both you and your precious penis sleeve will be safe.

Finally, choose your hiding place with care. Don’t use something obvious like a safe, because her natural feminine curiosity will eventually lead her to discover the combination. Instead, put your penis sleeve inside a box of belongings she’ll never care about, like your baseball cards.

As long as you’re careful and crafty, you’ll be able to hide your penis sleeve from your nosy girlfriend and enjoy the toy to its fullest. It’s none of a woman’s business, anyway, so be safe, be alert, and enjoy your masturbation sleeve.

realistic penis sleeve Why Does It Feel So Gosh Darned Good?

What is it about masturbation sleeves that makes them so alluring. Nowadays, they claim to feel like actual flesh, but then again, so does the palm of your hand. No, today’s sleeves have something more going on, from the modest pocket pussies to the tricked-out masturbation sleeves with the textured interiors, vibrations, and reams of other extras just waiting to be discovered. It’s like they manufactured a sensual aid that caters to terminally horny gadget freaks.

Which really wasn’t a bad idea since that describes over 90% of males with a pulse.

Those claims about a feel that’s more human than human aren’t just empty puffery. No, today’s synthetics, from UR3.0 to CyberSkin to most any other major manufacturer’s in-house brand really do have a soft, skin-like feel, can retain warmth, and get a grip on your shaft that’s not so tight that the sleeves are difficult to move up and down your shaft, without being so loose that you can’t any sexual stimulation from using the sleeve.

Then there are the extras that you can get from masturbation sleeves that you’ll never get from a simple hand job. There are a host of textures you can have a sleeve lined with—ribbed, nubbed, studded, you name it. There’s a variety of choices for the orifice your sleeve can come equipped with. No longer do you have to content yourself with an artificial vagina alone. Nay, you can have artificial mouths and assholes if you desire as well, sometimes combined onto the same masturbation sleeve.

If just any artificial vagina or asshole won’t do, then how about one that was actually cast from your favorite porn star? High-end masturbation toys boast the simulated pussies and assholes of stars such as Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick and many more, for those occasions when the DVD just isn’t enough.

Masturbation sleeves aren’t simply substitutes for what you can easily do with your own hand. They’re high-tech devices, from their synthetic materials down to their tactile enhancements. Isn’t it time you discovered masturbation sleeves for yourself?

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